Strangers Guild

A guild made up of Strangers from
other worlds and local adventurers.
Your adventuring GHQ.

Riu Kyo Anna

Riu Tsukisada

Sub-leader of the guild that handles Strangers.
She is looking for a way to travel back to her own world.

Kyo Koremitsu

One of the "Chosen Ones."
Due to his excellent skills in combat, he is known as the "Ace" of the guild.

Anna Kurusu

Similar to Kyo, she is another of the "Chosen Ones."
While she may lack in combat abilities, her quick thinking allows for her to act as an advisor for Riu.

Gurrba Gillius


A Migmy who runs the base.
Helps out adventurers who belong to the guild by providing meals and other daily needs.


A Dwarf who runs a shop in the Stranger's Guild.
Although he can be gruff upon first meeting, he is loyal and kind to his friends.