Developing Your Party

Enjoy the freedom to create all kinds of unique characters.
Train them up into the ultimate allies using the development system with all-new additions!

Class Change

Using Class Changes, you can develop characters with a variety of skills. Be careful, because levels will be halved after a Class Change.
Assign the skills they learned to their Skill Slots to use them. Use [Secret Technique Vessels] to add extra slots. You can change classes an unlimited number of times, so try all sorts of combos!

Powering Up Equipment

Gillius, owner of the Guild Shop, can now Power Up your equipment.
If you've hit a wall in your adventures, why not take another look at your equipment? Power Ups cost money, so save up by selling items.

Status Growth Items

This game has new items that will allow you to power up your party even more.
Use them wisely and enjoy building up your party more than ever!