With "Hiding" comes danger.
Ambush the enemies transporting treasure!

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In certain locations in the Labyrinth, you are able to use your Morale Gage to perform "Hiding." and set up an ambush. "Hiding" in the same location will cause a larger drain on your Morale Gauge each time.
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Enemies who appear while "Hiding" will always carry a Treasure Box. You will be able to tell what type of Items it may contain by the relief on the Treasure Box. Use this knowledge to aim for the item you want.

You've got 5 chances.
Aim for the item you want!

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You can pass up to 5 times while Hiding to try for the item type you want. However with each passing turn the chance of getting ambushed by the enemy increases.
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You will obtain the Treasure Box by defeating the enemy leader within a set amount of turns. But be wary, the Treasure Box will contain a trap so don't let your guard down till the very end.