Launch full-body attacks
against the enemy


A lively soldier that specializes in close combat.
Uses powerful weapons and has immense destructive power.

Screen shot
Counterattack Counter some attacks.
Rush Send wild attacks toward a row of enemies.
Heavy Swing A high damage, low accuracy attack.

The power to take
the brunt of any attack


A defender that stays in the front row to protect allies.
When equipped with heavy armor, they become the shield of the party.

Screen shot
Trained Defense Increase your defense and have a chance to reduce incoming damage.
Vanguard Stance Step in front of attacks to the back row.
Sword Chivalry Lower your defense and attack an enemy in each row.

Raid leaders who are the first
to approach an enemy


A speedy fighter for the front row.
Uses one-hit kill sword skills.

Screen shot
Dual Wielding Dual wield one-handed weapons.
Assault Slash 1 Attack an enemy row in a single slash.
Carnage Front Trade attacks with an enemy. The skill remains active as long as you continue to dodge the incoming attacks.

Well-rounded fighters
who can handle skills
from other classes well


Control time to change turn order or gain extra actions.
They can accelerate time to attack or evade, so they have the highest Hit and Avoid stats of any class, and don't rely much on buffs or debuffs.

Screen shot
Clock-up Act first, and perform the chosen action an extra time.
Fast Item Act first, and use two stock items at once.
Clock-down Slow down the target so its turn comes last.

Hunters best placed
in the back row for support


A mid-range class that can attack from distance with a bow.
Attacks are weak, but highly accurate.

Screen shot
Long Range Shot Snipe an enemy from the back row for extra damage.
Pin Down A low-damage attack that lowers enemy accuracy and evasion.
Penetration Increases the piercing ability of bows and special weapons.

Move unseen through the shadows
to slay their enemies


An advanced class that rattles the enemy.
A class that can defend, distract enemies, or assassinate strong targets.

Screen shot
Evade Training Increase your Evasion, and increase it even further when unarmored.
Assassin Dagger Strike with multiple critical attacks at once.
Assassination A sneak attack with high accuracy.

Treasure troves of useful skills


A trickster that specializes in singing and dancing.
It elegantly fights with thrown weapons and items.

Screen shot
Tri-Step Attack an enemy 3 times consecutively.
Weapon Trick Your weapon's range becomes infinite.
Sword Song Heal your party's Morale with a moving song.

They wield the powerful magic
you need to shatter enemy formations


A magician that specializes in support magic.
Not recommended for close combat.

Screen shot
Magic Weapon Imbue anti-Spirit magic onto the party's weapons.
Enhance Magic Enhance all magic effects during battle.
Soul Blast Sacrifice HP to attack with a shockwave of magic.

The indispensable
recovery specialists


Heals wounded allies with magic.
By using blunt weapons, they can attack from mid range.

Screen shot
Holy Weapon Imbue anti-Immortal magic onto the party's weapons.
Mana Heal 1 Recover MP while exploring labyrinths.
Holy Shield Create a wall to protect allies.

Sorcerers with power to rival
even the strongest enemies


Dark sorcerers who use suggestion to control their enemies. Rather than turn them into allies, they force enemies to attack one another, and disrupt their formations.
Puppeteers have a unique skill set, as difficult to master as it is powerful once you do.

Screen shot
Control an enemy like a puppet and make it attack its allies.
Provoke wrath in one row of enemies.
Lure them to the front row on the following turn.
Provoke forgetfulness in one enemy,
sealing all abilities other than regular attacks for one turn.

Guild watchmen with many useful skills,
who never go adventuring


Strangers who have chosen freedom over battle.
They learn special skills for use exclusively at the Guild.


Forever Standby Will never venture into Labyrinths. (Cannot be assigned to party.)
Friend Discount Slightly lowers the price of equipment and upgrades at the Shop,
and slightly raises the selling price for your items.
Medical Support Lowers revival times for your party members just a bit.