Spinning a story of gods and men,
destiny and free-will.

The passenger aircraft that you were riding on vanishes in an unexplained accident.
The remains of the aircraft are never found, and there seems no chance for anyone to have survived.

You awake to find yourself beneath
a strange, starry sky.
This is the place where sparkling
butterflies dance, the Sword City of Escario.

Residents of many races, terrible monsters,
and unknown labyrinths fill this land.

You must now become one of
the Chosen Ones, and take up the mantle of—
A Stranger of Sword City.

Trusting Fate
—Diverging Endings—

Decide upon who you will trust your fate to and reach the final climax of the story!

The Vessels of the Gods

Each representative of the factions has a powerful soul within them.
Upon giving them Blood Crystals obtained from Lineage Species, their true powers begin to return.
Once one of the three regains their full strength, the story will progress to the final climax.

To whom do you trust your fate?