Get useful special skills, regardless of class!

You can now assign your character a Background as the last step of character creation. Choose from skills associated with each class, and gain a skill right from the beginning (you can also choose not to).

Background (Example)

This is only a sample; there are more Backgrounds available.
Background Skill name Description
Kendo training Katana Soul: Can equip [Katana] type swords.
Great rhythm Tri-Step: Perform 3 consecutive attacks against 1 enemy.
Does no harm Vanguard Stance: Fixed chance of defending a back-row ally.
Brawny since birth Trained Defense: Gets a Defense bonus every certain number of levels.
Eyes like a hawk Evade Training: Gets an Avoid bonus every certain number of levels.
Ambidextrous Dual Wielding: Can dual-wield any one-handed weapon except for bows.