Race & Talent

Characters' innate skills, which express themselves in various ways.



The most common race in Escario that look just like Strangers. Stats are fairly good and can be useful as any class.

Talent: Fortune


A handsome race that came from the forest. Highly intelligent and skilled with magic

Talent: Education


A tough, war-forged race. Skilled warriors with high attack and defense stats.

Talent: Invincible


A race of small, spiritual creatures. Weak but swift, and attuned to holy magic.

Talent: Intuition


A therianthrope race that came from Eastern climes. Quick reflexes, but are inadept with magic.

Talent: Wild Eye


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Each race has standard talents, but you can freely exchange them during character creation, regardless of chosen race.
* [Chosen One] is available only to the main character, who cannot be assigned any other talent.
Chosen One Has the power to steal Blood Crystals from Lineage Types. Doesn't lose Life Points when they die.
Fortunate Blessed with luck on the battlefield, this person is more likely to sense surprise attacks and evade them.
Educated With the wealth of knowledge they have been accumulating since childhood, they can see the true forms of both equipment and monsters.
Invincible Born with a naturally hardy body resistant to critical attacks and various status effects.
Intuition An eye for detail that can ferret out traps hidden in treasure chests.
Wild Eye Can easily sniff out secrets in Labyrinths thanks to their sharp senses and animal instincts.
Vitality Spirit filled with vigor. Starting Life Point +2.
Deprived No talent, but grants better Bonus Point rolls during character creation.